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Montana 1948 Vocabulary

After the critic finished the disappointing novel, he wrote a _____ review that urged readers to save their money.
She held the ____ belief that all her students had the potential to succeed.
By placing a ____ on their children’s sugar intake, the parents hoped their actions would reduce dental problems.
Before the officer could make an arrest, he needed to ____ more evidence to build his case.
I tried to make polite small talk with the newly hired intern although he seemed distinctly ____, if not downright moody.
John Updike is known for turning ____ small town life into something more more fascinating.
Life penalizes those who fall victim to the ____ effects of human weakness, such as a negative character, ignorance, laziness, excesses and vices.
The author's first novel was rejected by the publisher who described his work as "too ___ to spark any interest".
The Harry Potter series shares similarities to various classical works of ______ about orphans' growing up.
When my father was arrested for embezzlement, my family’s reputation suffered ____ because of the negative publicity.
He felt ____ by his supervisor because she explained the situation as if he was a child.
The man ____ everyone into thinking he was victim when, in fact, he was the real thief.
Because the two burglars were unable to ____ a good getaway plan, they were quickly arrested after committing the crime.
The visits by the three ghosts left an ____ imprint on Ebeneezer Scrooge.
Opponents have criticized him for acting out of mere _____ and not out of any sense of logic or compassion.
It was shameful that getting all A's was such a part of his ____ personality that he would do anything, even cheat and lie, to make it happen.
The shallow and vain young man couldn't understand why everyone didn't ____ on him the way his mother did.
Minefields now lay waste to _____ land from Afghanistan to Cambodia.
The soldier maintained his ____ to his country even when he was being tortured by the enemy.
In the early years of photography, it was considered appropriate to remain ____ and unemotional when having your picture taken.
City officials faced a _____ of angry questions from local residents.
Even the police were horrified at the ____ nature of the killings.
The class's ____ deteriorated by the day, resulting in the teacher having a nervous breakdown.
There is an unmistakable note of ____ in his voice when he looks back on the early years of the family business.
Jolly and ____, Santa Claus handed out toys and candy canes in a surprise visit to the kindergarten class.
Deborah's test result clearly shows that her grades are not _____ with her intelligence.
The ____ businessman sought out advice from experts before starting his own venture.
The ____ creature in the basement of a building in the Omelas never experienced a moment of human kindness.
Because of the turnover of senators, congressmen, and their staff after every election, Washington DC is considered a ____ city
It saddens me when I witness students verbally ___ each other on a daily basis.
For over a century, people have been fascinated by the ____ details the murders committed by Jack the Ripper.
The sheer _____ of the novel invites comparisons with Tolstoy and George Eliot.
During the town meeting, the subject of pay raises for the city council caused _____ between the residents and council members.
Because my cousin is an environmental activist, she tries to ____ people of the idea that wasting water does not matter.
Some argue that social media lacks any ____, instead providing only an outlet for anti-intellectual narcissism.
Soldiers learn to survive on only ____ supplies, using the environment to get what they need.