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Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw

Author: Austin Dickson
Who does Greg like?
What gift did Uncle Charlie give him?
What did Greg do in gym class?
What couldn't Greg do in gym?
What name does Greg get called in school?
What name does Manny start Greg?
Who is the main character?
Who does Greg not like in school?
What toy did Rodrick melt?
Who is Greg afraid of?
Who is Greg's older brother?
What game did Greg play with the elderly people?
What is Greg hiding in his dad's room?
Where did Greg hide on Tuesday night?
What is his brother's band name?
What did Greg put on of his mom's?
What is the name of the polar bear that saved Mr. Shropsharp in Greg's cartoon?
What was Greg wearing when he go locked out of the room?
What group of kid's does Greg's Dad not like?
What does Greg's mom think he would look handsome in?
Why couldn't Rowley and Greg not dig in the yard?
Who is Greg's younger brother?
Greg flew on what?
What does Greg play at Rowley's house?
What does Greg think that Shel Silverstein should be?