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Biology Final Project

Biology Crossword
Conditioning a target behavior by progressively reinforcing behaviors that come closer and closer to the target.
Organized knowledge structure or mental model that we’ve stored in memory.
The tension, discomfort, or physical symptoms that arise when a situation, called a stressor—a type of stimulus—strains our ability to cope effectively.
Unconscious attribution of our negative characteristics to others.
Feedback by a device that provides almost an immediate output of a biological function, such as heart rate or skin temperature.
Circular hole through which light enters the eye.
Principle that organisms that possess adaptations survive and reproduce at a higher rate than do other organisms.
Psychological drive, that propel us in a specific direction.
Small animal chamber constructed by Skinner to allow sustained periods of conditioning to be administered and behaviors to be recorded unsupervised is the _________ box.
Unpleasant effects of reducing or stopping consumption of a drug that users had consumed habitually.
_________ memory, is the recollection of events in our lives.
Capable of being disproved.
Extent to which a measure assesses what it purports to measure.
An automatic motor response to a sensory stimulus.
______ identity is an individual's sense of being male or female.
Drug that relieves pain and induces sleep.
Membrane at the back of the eye responsible for converting light into neural activity.
Helping others for unselfish reasons.
Gradual reduction and eventual elimination of the conditioned response after the conditioned stimulus is presented repeatedly without the unconditioned stimulus.
When neither researchers nor participants are aware of who’s in the experimental or control group.
When a study’s findings are able to be duplicated, ideally by independent investigators.
Testable prediction derived from a scientific theory.
________ memory is an emotional memory that is extraordinarily vivid and detailed.
Mental state or feeling associated with our evaluation of our experiences.