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World War II

Teacher: Melcher
B-29 Super fortress bomber that dropped the bomb on Japan
Allied invasion of mainland Europe
Forced march of Allied forces on the islands of Bataan and Corrigedor
32nd president
Leader of Japan
Bloodiest battle of the Pacific campaign
Fleet admiral of the U.S. Navy in charge of Pacific fleet
Japanese fighter pilots attacked the base
Made the decision to drop the bomb
Five star general and head of Pacific Army
Fighting that took place across the islands of the Pacific Ocean
Japanese suicide bombers
Providing aid to U.S. allies to fight the Axis powers
Decisive battle between U.S. Marines and Japanese
Supreme Allied leader of U.S. forces in Europe
Important Marine Corps battle during the Pacific Campaign
Decisive sea battle ; signaled end of Japanese supremacy on the sea
Advertisement aimed at getting women to enter the wartime work force
Imprisonment or confinement of people