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A Christmas Carol

That which Scrooge does not feel
In life, Marley's spirit never left the ______ and must now travel endlessly
Common welfare, charity, and mankind should have been Marley's _____
A word that describes Scrooge's remark about the surplus population
The time period in which Scrooge lived
The object on which Scrooge first sees Marley's face
How Scrooge refers to Christmas. Meaning false.
Scrooge's deceased business partner
Scrooge's _____ deterred his fiance
Scrooge was known to be bitter, and beggars wouldn't even ask him for a ______
Scrooge's first name
Little ___ is Scrooge's little sister, who comes to pick him up from boarding school for Christmas
Before Jacob's visit, all the _____ ring mysteriously
Scrooge is compared to the _______ and it is said that nothing was more intent on its purpose than Scrooge
Even though he makes very little a week, Scrooge's clerk is still very ______
Scrooge asks if the Union Workhouses and Poor & _____ are still running
The supernatural beings that come to visit Scrooge
The type of school which Scrooge attends
The day on which Marley died 7 years ago, and this story takes place
That which Marley forged in life, and wore forever more
The form of chapters in this story
The tiles around Scrooge's fireplace depict people from the _____
After his visit with the first spirit, Scrooge starts to feel ____ for things he's done
The last name of the author of "A Christmas Carol"
It is said that it looks like Scrooge's house played ______ as a child and couldn't find its way back out
Man vs. _____ is the main conflict of "A Christmas Carol"