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Spelling Contract Puzzle - Dec

After eating at Moe's the scales say I am _____
I ______ about my dog after he got in a fight with a cat
I went _______ the tunnel
More mad
It is____ out here in the cold
The ______ cat did't like the cat food I gave him
A _____ a lot of money
I _____ the trash can
The ___ bird gets the worm
The ______ team is Alabama.
I _____ a lot on black Friday
I am _____ the house right now. Bye!
I am ______ dog food at the store
Sorry, I am _____ this pencil now
Go to the pool and you will see people ______ .
_____ how long is the parade?
The most weird
He was the ___ comedian
The most simple question
I am____ to meet you