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VLS 2017 English Culture 03

– n. – Very great praise or honor. Being told that you are excellent in some way.
– v. – to move around an area, city, etc., with no clear destination.
– v. – To make someone tired by being boring, dull or not interesting.
– n. – An alcoholic drink such as brandy or whiskey. Beer is alcoholic, but not really this.
– idiom – Extremely quickly.
– idiom – To not appreciate someone (or something) and think it has little value.
– idiom – Sneaking up on you, surprising you.
– v. – To not be able to see something, vanish, end, go away from the area.
– adj. – Something that looks or acts like a wave, going smoothly up and down.
– n. – the overhead inside surface of a room.
– idiom – Quickly losing time before a deadline or something is due.
– n. – Something that is pretending to be true. Something trying to fool or trick someone.
– adv. – Doing something very well, exceptional.
– n. – Being free from hard work or pain. Something that was easy.
– n. – A performer in a circus. Also used to refer to people who really don’t know what they are doing but pretend that they do.
– v. – To forget something or not bring it with you.
– n. – A sense of loss or being sorry. Wishing for something we did or didn’t do.
– idiom – Being in a good place emotionally, confident, doing your job or living your life well.
– n. – A white metallic element, used for making mirrors, jewelry, etc.
– n. – A yellow metallic element, easy to bend and form and does not rust or corrode.