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The Concert Band

A family of instruments with reeds and/or wind is used to play them.
This instrument belongs in the brass family and is smaller than the french horn.
A woodwind instrument that is usually silver and does not use a reed.
This instrument is black and has a reed.
This instrument looks similar to a clarinet, but has two reeds instead of just one.
This brass instrument has two names for and it is French.
Brass instrument with no valves; but a slide.
Another name for these instruments is: kettle drums.
Woodwind instrument that is larger than the clarinet and is usually gold in color.
The biggest percussion instrument.
This instrument looks like a small tuba.
Percussion instrument that is played with two sticks.
The largest brass instrument.
This instrument is in the shape of its name.
A family of non-pitched instruments.
These instruments are circular and can be played by crashing them together or rolling on them.
Family of instruments made out of metal.