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Spelling List 8

Teacher: Mrs. Gillespie
What Mrs. Gillespie did when you told her you liked school.
Avery was excited when a dolphin ____ up next to her in the ocean.
I won the raffle?!? I can't believe this is actually _________!
I haven't ________ the book order yet.
What you did in school yesterday.
It was such a good book I was sorry it _____.
Are you _______ a birthday party next week?
"I hope you'll be _______ tonight for dinner." he said.
What you do in school.
This is fun to do on a hot day!
"Can we go home now? I'm _______tired." complained the little boy.
The lamp is broken! What ________?
As soon as the emperor said "GO!", the animals _______ to run.
Turn that frown upside down and do this!
What someone did when they tried to make you laugh.
"What are you _____?" shouted the grumpy teacher.
I'm so glad you ____ to my house last night, we had such a good time!