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God's Plan For Salvation Is Fulfilled

This guarantees that we will experience the Resurrection
A place of cleansing after death
Jesus paid the price for our freedom from sin and death
(3 words) This makes Jesus different from other spiritual leaders
Each soul will undergo this immediately after death
The ____ Things, what the Church calls the examination of heaven hell and purgatory.
Very serious deadly sin
The Church has taught that this is necessary for salvation
Each of us are on a journey towards this, but we are not expected to achieve it on our own
(2 words) All souls will experience this when Christ returns in glory and all the dead will be raised
These virtues are; faith hope and love
One proof of the Resurrection
Jesus did not leave this part of his nature behind when he ascended to Heaven
This was a real event, historically attested to by Jesus' disciples, who truly encountered the Risen One.
Less serious type of sin
Jesus and His apostles were celebrating this Jewish holiday on the first Holy Thursday.
Study and interpretation of Scripture is called___
This type of grace is received in the Sacrament of Baptism
Spoiled or contaminated, this can be applied to moral perversion
This city was the heart of Jewish life and worship at the time of Jesus
(2 words) Seeing God, at times we experience a glimpse of this, but we will enjoy this fully in heaven
____ from sin and death for every person in every age comes through the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Statement that seems contradictory to common sense but is true
The outcome for someone who has decided to separate from God here on earth, the absence of God