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Algebra Crossword Puzzle

Bucklen: Bucklen
Acronym for evaluating expressions
Common ratio
Function type that graph straight lines
Numbers and their opposites (does not include fractions or decimals)
Answer to a division problem
Common difference
Distance a number is from zero (always positive)
A term in a variable expression that never changes
Math sentence that must be evaluate by order of operations
A number in front of a variable that multiplies it
Answer to an addition problem
Property that says adding zero or multiplying by one to a number doesn't change the value of the number
Answer to a subtraction problem
Answer to a multiplication problem
Property that says changing the grouping of numbers doesn't change the sum or product of the answer
Property where the number outside grouping symbols multiplies numbers inside grouping symbols
Y value
Math sentence that contain an = sign
Relationship in which each input has exactly one output
Operations used for solving equations
X value
Separated by + or - signs