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Cell Cycle Vocabulary

Division of the cytoplasm
Daughter cells are _____ to the parent cell
Spindle fibers form in this phase
Part of the cell cycle where DNA is replicated
Nuclear membrane forms in this phase
Made up of 2 sister chromatids
Chromatin is condensed into chromosomes in this phase
Part of cell cycle where cell spends majority of its time
Holds sister chromatids together
Where DNA synthesis takes place
Forms during cytokinesis in animal cells
Division of the nucleus
Products of cell cycle.______ cells
Nuclear membrane breaks down during this phase
Phase where sister chromatids line up in the middle of the cell
Number of sister chromatids in a single replicated chromosome
Organelle responsible for making spindle fibers
Identical copies of a chromosome
Chromosomes uncoil in this phase
Helps separate chromosomes during mitosis
Non-consendsed form of DNA
Sister chromatids are pulled apart towards the ends of the cell