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Writing Assignment #3

what someone comes to expect of a given situation based on their memories of past situations
the smallest distinctive unit of sound, there are about 40 of them
severe impairment of language capabilities due to damage to left hemisphere of brain
(2 words) a more favorable perception of an event the more time has passed since the event
unconscious memories that can be assessed through performance of tasks, ie riding a bike, tracing a shape through a reflection. HM could still form these kinds of memories
an approach to problem solving that is often correct, but not always
(2 words) only perceiving an object as having one purpose or use, not being able to imagine another way to use a given object
intense memory of experiencing or learning about a suprising, out of the ordinary event (usually emotionally distressing or a tragedy)
a memory strategy that involves picturing what you need to remember in a place that is familiar to you, arranging your memories by location
“Phonological _____” component of working memory that is responsible for auditory information
"________ sketchpad" component of working memory that processes visual information
“______ Memory” theoretically unlimited capacity, memory storage that can be drawn upon at any time through top-down processing
(2 words) component of working memory that maintains the information in the VS and PL with long term memory info
the focused mental energy that is needed to perceive environment
“________’s Area” impacts ability to understand speech
smallest unit of sound that has a meaning, roughly 100k of these. Can be a word, but can also be a part of a word (like a prefix or suffix)
an inability to identify or recognize faces
(2 words) component of working memory that chooses which information to attend to
type of memory that is conscious, necessitates recognition of information ex state capitals, what you ate for breakfast
ability of some folks who have lost their ability to perceive vision yet can still perceive some visual stimuli (ie movement)
"______ Memory" general knowledge of the world, “common knowledge” is a synonym. Ex: names of basic objects or colors
someone’s ideal of a given concept, the most accessible and identifiable image of a thing
(2 words) perceived edges that are not physically present
"_________ Loop" component of working memory that is responsible for auditory information
one's own awareness and knowledge of mental processes
"______ Psychology" an approach that emphasizes thoughts and mental processes surrounding knowledge
"_____ Memory" short/brief store of information we are currently processing
a meaningful unit of language, roughly 300k of these
“_____’s Area” impacts speaking