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8th Grade Science: 4.1-4.2

A vertical face of rock that was gradually eroded by crashing waves
Iciclelike mass that forms on the ceilings of caves
High ridges of rock and land that project out into the see along deep water shorelines
A narrow, sandy island that lies off the coast of the mainland
The process of carrying away the rock fragments
Occurs when rainwater or melted ice soaks into cracks and then freezes
A region where limestone is exposed and abundant
Triangular deposit formed by short-lived desert streams
A gently sloping coast covered by sand or pebbles
The breaking or peeling away of rock in layers
Sediment deposit extending from the mouth of a river into the sea
A limestone formation that becomes filled with various passageways and large caves
Ridge formed when a river drops sediments along the edge of its channel
Has the greatest effect on the earth's surface
Cone-shaped formations that form on the floors of caves
A large funnel-shaped depression in the ground
Excess water that pools up on the ground and runs downhill
The level land that borders a river and is covered by river water in flood time
The process by which rocks are broken down by the forces of nature
Fills with wildly flowing water during rainstorms but dries up quickly
A narrow formation of rock that arch out into the water from the coast
The region of land drained by a river system
Type of weathering that breaks down large rocks into fragments through wind and running water
A network of underground cavities
The source of a river
The main agent of chemical weathering
A stream that feeds into a river
Large stream that carries water from the mountains to the sea
One of a series of winding, looping curves in a river
A large channel in the ground that cannot be repaired by ordinary cultivation
The material carried by a stream