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Spelling words

The ___ of the food smelt delightful.
Some people run a ___ with their family.
My family and I laid down to ___.
A ___ is child without parents.
After dinner, we had _____.
Another word for being excited. ___
The ___ I played was a trombone.
I have ___ from my whole life.
Fruits and vegetables are all ___ foods.
We hung the___ on the window to block the view of the sun.
Another word for having an idea.
In the drawer, the ___ was set up next to the forks.
We live in the ___ hemisphere
The dancer was ___ doing her twirls.
My sister and I ___ over the toy.
When the director was ready for the next scene, he yelled___.
The day before today.
We followed the ___ to get to the other side.
Another word for unique.
I ___ to my sister please be quiet.