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Revolutionary War Puzzle.

Author: Lydia
The thirteen ___________.
Say ___ to the colonists. They are friendly!
Another name for a loyalist .
The thing that made the colonists MAD!!!
What Boston is like in the winter.
The ________ of Paul Revere.
________ Adams, patriot.
A part of a musket that pushes the bullet down.
James__________, member of the "Patriot's Club."
Originally the colonies belonged to___________.
The _______________Tea Party.
Did America win?
Did England win the war?
Another name for a patriot.
A nickname that the colonists called the British soldiers.
The British sent ________.
A group of soldiers who guard a city or fort.
Last name of a patriot and later a president.
In the war, England and America were _________.
A sharp part of a musket.