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Christmas Party 2017

His first film was popeye
How many times has Canada hosted the winter Olympics
Jason the assistant store managers favorite hobby
Ryan the meat managers first pet name
Who said it "At first you must learn the rules of the game. Then you must play it better then anyone else"
The fleece from sheep has been used to make human clothing since the ______ age
Dave lukes favorite sports player of all time
Krista the bakery manager has 11 of these
Legendary patron Saint of children
Largest city in Canada
Winter _______ starts December 21
We have 174 of these in our store
Worlds tallest building
College basketball champion of 2017
The original color of carrots
Artist of the year 2017
Canada has the longest _________ of any country in the world
Cheryl the HMR and Deli managers favorite hobby
First lady of Canada
He won best actor in a leading role for Manchester by the sea
Canadian icon we lost in 2017
Longest running U.S. primetime television series
Kirby the grocery manager has 3 of this type of family member
Dave Moore's favorite marvel super hero
Highest paid actress in the world
The only mammal that can fly
The state of Hawaii consists of how many islands
Chionophobia is the fear of what