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Special Education!

By Morgan Gainey
In the majority of cases the cause of E/BD is...
"Mental Retardation" is now called ______ disability
The most common disability for children
Neglecting to slow down when reading a difficult passage shows problems in what?
The most frequently prescribed types of medication for students with ADHD are
On standardized achievement tests, most students with E/BD perform ____ grade level
Families of a child with a disability tend to experience most stress during ...
The repetition of words or phrases
Communication--sending messages is known also as what?
When special educators talk about "transition", they are referring to the change from school to what?
Deafness should be considered a
Individuals born deaf are known as ____ deaf.
The biggest obstacle faced by persons with deaf-blindness is
Most popular classroom placement for students with autism
Blurred vision
Visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better eye with correction
Strategies and resources that a person requires to participate in activities associated with normative human functioning are ..