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Starches and sugars that provide energy in diets
One of the compartments of the stomach in cattle, deer, and sheep that is responsible for the breakdown of cellulose in the feed that is consumed.
Compound cane sugar.
Bones joined together by cartilage and ligaments. (2 words)
The system that provides food and oxygen to the cells of the body and filters waste materials from the body. (2 words)
Muscle that can be controlled by animals to do things such a walk and eat food. (2 words)
System that controls the functions of the body tissues including the organs. (3 words)
Muscle that operates in the body without control by the will of the animal. (2 words)
The lean meat of the animal. (2 words)
Vitamin C deficiency
Result of too little nutrition
Nutrients that have 2.25 times as much energy as carbohydrates.
Daily supply of feed for an animal containing all needed nutrients. (2 words)
Chemical that regulates activities of the body.
Compound milk sugar.
The result of too much nutrition or improper types of food being eaten.
Main component of skeletal system
Condition resulting from improper levels or balances of nutrients. (2 words)
Grass, hay, or silage and other feeds high in fiber and low in TDN.
System that provides oxygen to the blood of the animal. (2 words)
The process whereby all body parts receive materials needed for function, growth, and renewal.
The brain and spinal cord. (2 words)
Woody fiber that make up plant cell walls
Complex chemical essential for normal body functions.
Gland that secretes disease-fighting material in the body. (2 words)
Animal that has a stomach with four digestive compartments.
Simple milk sugar
The amount of feed fed in one day.
Major energy source in livestock feeds.