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Social Studies - Vocab Egypt

A Massive monumental tomb for a pharaoh
The first great period of unity and prosperity
A Chief official in ancient Egypt who carried out much of the day to day work of governing
A King named mentuhotep reunited the kingdom and launched a new era of peace and prosperity
THe most important Egyptian god - sun god who created the world
Critical trade route for goods from all over. Rich in gold, copper and other resources
AN area where a river fans out into various branches as it flows into a body of water
A Series of rulers from the same family
A Rock formation that creates churning rapids; also a large waterfall
To exchange goods
THe preserved body of a pharaoh or other powerful person in ancient Egypt
A Picture representing an object, sounds, or idea that was part of the ancient Egyptian writing system
AN ancient Egyptian ruler
A Period of 500 years during which Egypt more powerful and grew a mighty empire
A System in which people belong to social classes of different ranks
Paperlike material made from reeds
A Professional writer who recorded official information