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Seeds & Roots Reading

Name                                    This crossword puzzle is from your Homework Reading: Seeds & Roots
The outside covering of seed
Trissa's favorite sports team
This trees prop roots grow from the tree limbs and look like tree trunks
One or more large roots extending into the soil from the base of plant
The first structure to emerge from seed
The start of growth and development of a seed
These trees can grow to heights of more then 100 meters
The most abundant element in the universe
Tiny hollow tubes in the roots that transports water through the roots
Corn plants have these specialized roots for support
Inactive state of seeds
One of 2 basic types of root systems with many small roots extending into the soil from base of plant
Marco's favorite sports team
An energy supply in the form of starch for embryo
Hairlike finger on the outside of the root that absorbs water
A baby plant