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End of Fall Term Fun

The WileyPLUS Studio Presents September's Crossword Puzzle. This month's theme is The Arts. Bon chance! 
Some students may be hitting the _____ button right about now.
Last-minute brain stuffing
"Will this be on the _____?"
.25 of an academic year
Philen D' Blanque
3.14 GPA in the Math Department
All "A's" or 10, J, Q, K, A, in poker
Only in the school of music is a flat "B" equal to a ____ "A."
From dusk til dawn
____on a curve
Windy City citation style
Pigs can fly. T or F?
Is this a trick question? T or F?
Binary grading scale
Questions whose answers require smart choices (briefly)
It's the _____countdown
Questions for magicians
Academic headwear for graduates
"_____ never win."
Most used building on campus before finals
____ Buddy