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Assessments and Families in Education

ETP - Mrs Pratt

Name ___________________________________
Family lifestyle that isn’t a male and female together
Children that stay home by themselves in the afternoon while their parent/parents work.
This form of assessment provides ongoing feedback to improve teaching & student understanding.
A type of standardized summative assessment that is based on the standards for the course or class.
A Norm-Referenced summative test given to High School student wishing to continue their education in college or a technical school.
McKinney-Vento act is relate to what group in society.
A person's position in society is determined by income, wealth, occupation, and many other factors that are money related
An assessment that requires the student to prove mastery of the information or skill.
In ecological theory, this involves the culture in which the individuals live.
Culture that indirectly affect the children's development.
Parent Teacher Association
This information allows a teacher to regroup/reteach
Human development is shaped by various forms of these in each persons world
Events that occur during your life including world events and personal events like divorce.
Number 1 reason for single-parent homes.
Innermost level of the environment, the child's immediate surroundings.
Good comment plus a Critical comment and ending with a Good comment.
Another word for standards.
The form of assessment that occurs at the end of a unit or semester.
Encompasses connections between microsystems