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Latin American and French Revolution Crossword

People of mixed Spanish and Native American Ancestry
Used to perform executions of criminals
Members of the 3rd Estate; merchants, bankers, doctors, lawyers, and teachers
Emperor of France
Basic Rights that are given to all people
Leader of Haitian Revolution
Members of French Society that paid all of the taxes
July 1793 to July 1794; time period where about 40,000 people were killed
Napoleon took the crown from him to crown himself emperor
George Washington of South America; freed 5 South American countries
Catholic Clergy
Catholic Priest that led the Mexican War of Independence
Change in government which a new group of leaders use force to seize power
Bankrupted the French government with costly wars and greed
French legislature where the 3 estates only had one vote
Colonial leaders born in Spain or Portugal
Colonial descendants of Spain or Portugal that were born in the colonies
French colony; the only successful slave-led revolt in world history