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Softball Crossword Puzzle

Author: Coach Jonker
Area just in front of outfield fence
Equipment used to hit ball
Signal - coach touches right ear
Pitch that spins up
Type of bunt
Number of players on defense at one time
Equipment used to hit ball
Thrown ball from one fielder to another that goes into foul territory
A substitute for a hitter
All players together
Pitch that goes into a right handed batter from a right handed pitcher
Person who calls balls and strikes
An offensive player
5 sided figure which is 17 inches wide
Persons playing 1st and 3rd base are ____ players
Moving up a base without a hit
Player who starts game as defensive player only
Hit ball that is not fair
Play touching offensive player for out
Method of touching base
Pitcher uses a ____ bag to dry hands
Runs batter in
4 balls
Area where pitcher warms up
Outfielders "?" - Laura Berg term
On a defensive player's hand
Defensive player stationed behind home plate
Catch made just before ball hits ground
When batter does not swing at pitch, often called by coach
Number of balls and strikes on batter
3 base hit
Pitcher and catcher
Order which players bat
Base 84' 10" from home plate
Equipment used to hit ball
When batter contacts ball, ball goes back on a straight line and catcher catches ball
Defensive player stationed behind home plate
Pop-up on which umpire rules batter out before ball is caught
Slang for 2nd baseman and ss ____ combo
No hits, no walks, no errors
Protective gear worn by catcher
Miscue defensively
A ball intentionally met with bat, not swung at but tapped slowly within the infield
Catcher and 1st baseman uses
4 balls on a batter
Team at bat
Area beyond infield grass
Ball swung at and missed
Softball is _____!
Act of throwing ball underhanded
6 outs
Runs tallied of both teams
Pitch out of strike zone and not swung at
Number of innings need to have a complete game
Pitch that has top spin
Signal - coach touches chin
Stats indicating pitchers success
15 in square and possibly made of canvas