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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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This country protected Austria-Hungry
What does the N stand for in MAIN cause
What happened on 11-11-1918
What dose the A in MAIN causes stand for
The country that stopped fighting after turkey
Which side won WWI
What battle did the German's use chlorine gas for the first time - it happened on 10-18-1914
The type of warfare was used in WWI
What chemical weapons were used for the first time in the WWI
What happened when Franz Ferdinand was assasinated
What was the land called in between two trenches
The treaty signed with Germany after the war ended
What came first: the battle of Capretto or the battle of Verdun
Declared war on Germany and Austria in 5-23-1915
The US declared war on which country
What dose the M in MAIN causes stand for
What country issued an ultimatum to Serbia following Franz Ferdinand's death?
Germany first declared war on what country
The side America joined
Warsaw was captured by which country
Who was assassinated starting the conflict in WWI
What does the I in MAIN causes stand for