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Biology Crossword

An unidentified cell of a multicellular organism
Two thread like strands into which a chromosome divides
Cell division that results in two daughter cells sharing same chromosomes
Second stage of cell division
Material of which chromosomes of organisms are composed
Offspring arise from a single organism
The first stage of cell division
The cytoplasmic division of a cell
The division of daughter cells with the same genetics
Involved in the development of spindle fibers in a cell division
A swelling of a part of the body
The region in chromosomes where the spindle attaches
The resting phase between successive mitotic division of a cell
Two organisms working together to make an offspring
The series of events that take place in a cell leading to duplication
An unidentified cell of a multicellular organism
The stage of meiotic in cell division
The final phase of cell division
A thread like structure of nucleic acids and protein
The disease caused by a split of abnormal cells