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World History

Because of the lack of available farmland, the Aztecs built these for farming and building their land on the lake.
Which of the following civilizations developed written language called hieroglyphics?
A government in which the ruler is considered to be a divine figure.
The Athenians are given credit for creating which form of government?
This is the longest living empire of China and promoted the most singularly used language of the time.
This great Indian leader created hospitals for people and animals.
The Phoenicians contributed greatly to written communication by introducing the first use of
The region of land that extends from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf Modern Day Iraq is called _________________.
The founder of Judaism and the Father of the Hebrew people?
What religious ideas did the Mayans, Aztecs, and Incas all share in common?
Writings of the people of the Indus River Valley write
This Indian system determines a person's job, social group, and marriage.
In Zoroastrianism the term Humata means
The religious center in mesopotamia
a large political unit that controls many peoples and territories.
Belief in one god.
Words like "Metropolis", "Indianapolis", Minneapolis, all share the world "Polis" in common. The word “Polis” is the Greek word for
The guiding principles of Buddhism are called what?
Monotheistic religion developed in Persia.
This religion became popular in China after spreading from India
Mesopotamia's first city-state was established by?
The sociopolitical system of the Zhou is known as what Medieval European term?
Mesopotamia's economy was based on
Respect for parents and elders
These books of hymns were passed orally down by Hindu priests.
In Buddhism, this is the state of wisdom that occurs when someone gives up all desires.