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The Power of Women in Scripture

Teacher:  Anne Davis
Topic: Searching the Scriptures
Teaching:  The Power of Women in Scripture
The name Hagar gave to the Lord.
Jael gave Sisera a cup of warm _______ to make him sleepy.
The father of Tamar's twin sons.
________ and Naphtali were the tribes most affected by the hostility of the Canaanites in Hazor.
Judah's Adullamite friend.
Mount Tabor is located here.
Deborah's husband
According to Paul, Hagar corresponds to the present city of __________.
Of Jacob's 12 sons, he was the son who received the birthright.
Judah commanded Tamar to live in her _____ house after the death of Onan.
Hagar came from a high-born position in ______.
The firstborn son, the son with the birthright, and the son whom God declared to be worthy all receive a _____ portion of inheritance.
Jael came from this tribe.
She was born according to the flesh.
They were the enemies in the battle fought by Barak.
Husband of Tamar.
Sisera's mother likely lived here.
Deborah was the only woman to serve as one in the biblical narrative.
They were cursed because they did not support the Israelites.
Hagar's son, Ishmael, received this as his inheritance from Abraham.
Signifies righteousness, a commitment to God, and is a characteristic of a servant in Scripture.
God caused all of the sons of Jacob and _____ to die.