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Poetry Vocab

Form of poetry that has no meter and does not rhyme
Statement that includes a contradiction
Repetition of vowel sounds in words
Poet known for their dark, depressing, and spooky subject matter
Grouped lines in a poem, similar to a paragraph in prose writing
An extreme exaggeration
A pair of rhymed lines that have meter
Giving human qualities to something non-living
Poem that tells a story of someone famous from history
Emotional associations of a word
A group of lines in a poem
A recurring subject, image, theme or idea in a poem
Form of poetry with 14 lines; split into two types: English and Italian
A figurative comparison that does not use 'like' or 'as'
The author's attitude in their writing
A poem that usually celebrates someone or something
Reference to another literary work, usually the Bible
The big idea, message, or lesson of a literary work
Lengthy poem that tells the story of a hero
Repetition of consonant sounds in words
Repetition of beginning sounds in consecutive words
Dictionary definition of a word
Figurative comparison using the phrase 'like' or 'as'
Form of poetry that has a regular meter but does not rhyme
Poet mainly known for their plays, but also wrote many sonnets
Language that creates a picture in your mind when you read
Pattern and rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
Term for the way the reader feels when they read a poem