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Christmas 2017 for Hali and Tim

Christmas 2017
Last name of Chevy Chase's character in movie National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?
Last name of the U.S. President born in December in Raleigh NC
Dad's birth state?
Santa's reindeer that was known for having a skill for magic
Celebration that honors African heritage in African American culture
Get a FREE answer in the place where we put Santa's letters
What is the most popular meal for Christmas in Japan?
What famous golfer has a December birthday?
In the song Twelve Days of Christmas, what is given on the 7th day?
What cartoon character is a Christmas Eve staple in Sweden and watched by millions every year?
What northeastern state holds the Guinness record for largest snowman set in 2008?
Warmest temp on Christmas day in SC in 1933
A celebration for Muslim Jews
Former retail outlet that published Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?
What country is the Poinsettia native to?
What month was the coldest recorded temp in SC in 1985?
Who got run over by a reindeer?
What town does George live in on the movie Its A Wonderful Life?
The only mammals that can see ultraviolet light?
What city has the largest recorded Christmas Tree put up in 1950 at the Northgate Shopping Center?