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SCD-212: Teaching Reading in Content Areas

The literal meaning a word has. (Ch. 3)
In _____-alouds, teachers make their thinking explicit by verbalizing their thoughts while reading orally. (Ch. 7)
A brief piece of writing that results in a great deal of thinking. (Ch. 9)
Confident learners exhibit a high level of self-_____ in content literacy situations. (Ch. 6)
Reducing a text to its main points. (Ch. 10)
_____ research when a teacher asks questions about what's going on in their classroom, gathers evidence, and shares results with colleagues. (Ch. 12)
Print, digital, aural, and visual forms of communication. (Ch. 2)
Participating in planned, _____, ongoing, and inquiry-based professional development leads to professional growth and improved instruction. (Ch. 12)
The practice of using informal, authentic tools to collect information almost always use more than one means of collecting data. (Ch. 4)
A classroom _____ is a critical component of a multitext classroom. (Ch. 11)
_____ and semantic clues in content materials should not be treated separately. (Ch. 8)
Another term for a basic rubric. (Ch. 4)
Your attempt to seek significance or relevance in what we say and mean is one signal that you are reading at the _____ level. (Ch. 7)
The implied or suggested meaning of a word in context. (Ch. 3)
When sound, graphics, photographs, video, and other nonprint media are incorporated into the hypertext format. (Ch. 1)
The use of _____ books in content areas help to extend and enrich the curriculum. (Ch. 11)
A word exploration activity that invites students to write quickly and spontaneously for no more than 5 minutes with no concern for spelling, grammar, punctuation, or neatness. (Ch. 8)
"What do I need to know?" and "How well do I already know it?" require _____ awareness on the part of learners. (Ch. 6)
What the writer is consciously or unconsciously does to get energized and motivated. (Ch. 9)
A type of reading which occurs when reading electronic texts and clicking on hyperlinks. (Ch. 1)
_____ strategy instruction has several components: awareness and explanation, modeling and demonstration, guided practice, and application. (Ch. 5)
The _____ note captures the reader's reaction or response to the author's thesis. (Ch. 10)
____ knowledge is knowledge of different ways to teach the content. (Ch. 2)
This style of teaching requires students to specialize in a content literacy task that contributes to an overall group objective. (Ch. 5)