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Science Crossword

An allele whose trait always shows up in the organism when the allele is present.
An offspring of crosses that has the same form of traits.
A female sex cell.
An organism's genetic makeup, or allele combinations.
Sex cells.
An organism's physical appearance, or visible traits.
An offspring of crosses that has two different alleles for a trait.
The process by which cells release energy by breaking down food molecules without using oxygen.
An allele that is hidden whenever the dominant allele is present.
A situation in which both alleles for a gene are expressed equally.
The second stage of the cell cycle which the nucleus splits to two nuclei.
Having two identical alleles for a particular gene.
The different forms of a gene.
Male sex cell
A sequence of DNA that determines a trait and is passed from parent to offspring.
A specific characteristic that an organism can pass to its offspring through its genes.
Having two different alleles for a particular gene.
The final stage of the cell cycle, in which the cell's cytoplasm divides, distributing the organelles into each of the two new daughter cells.
The process that occurs in the formation of sex cells by which the number of chromosomes is reduced by half.
A fertilized egg, produced by the joining of a sperm and an egg.