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Math Vocabulary

Teacher: M.S Smith
In the term 5x the coefficient is 5
5x+a+99 is a TRINOMIAL
7 is a CONSTANT term.
When we change 4/6 to 2/3 we SIMPLIFY it
7+ 12xy+z+9 has 4 FACTORS
5xy+32xyz are UNLIKE TREMS
A math equation changed to start with the highest exponents first is called STANDARD FORM
5x or 6xy or 7 is a MONOMIAL
In 73y, y is the VARIABLE
8xyz+104xyz are LIKE TERMS
9y+8 +1y+12 is an EQUATION
7x-1 or 9-2y is a BINOMIAL
9x is a TERM
3x-7y is a POLYNOMIAL
In the term 5x the COEFFICIENT is 5
DEGREE is the highest exponent in an equation