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Science Faculty Crossword - Teachers past and present

This nerdy photographer loves swinging through the Big Apple
These old people are often found in a home
The top floor of Guy’s house
This Private Investigator’s partner is deceased
This mountain dwelling horned sheep is open to offers from both sexes and is often seen with his aptly named friend, Whizz
Two of these and you are holding the second best in Texas
Escort, Fiesta, Mondeo and Sierra. He’d run them all
A person rejected by society made her daughter cry
To place a bet
Olde English pig keepers
If the Eagle had rested upon Elle Macpherson
Multiple Headmaster’s assistants
The family of a rubbish receptacle
Home of an Australian male celebrating his last night out before getting married
Multiple Geordies don’t wear these in the winter
This hole in the ground is a bit too deep for your pale to fetch any water
This pre-op paper is caught in an exothermic reaction
A legendary anchor-man, a grumpy old man, an explorer and Chekov
If U were in a secret meeting
We are free of the Kung Fu expert from Hong Kong
Almost a top of the range hotel
Lying on the beach or under a bed of UV bulbs, the outcome is the same
There is just enough space to allow this lesser ape to enter
The offspring of a carb free diet
A cool surfer’s exclamation in the middle of the jumping irritant of cats everywhere
About Solo
What the man with a lisp says when he is in a hurry to move up a floor
This male heir should always be locked at night
We are free of the Man with the Golden Gun
A Scottish mountain in France
A joint in the leg walked quickly in the first month of the year
This mother is a cross between the longest serving Corrie character and a Liverpudlian lass’ favourite night time attire
Ernie’s best mate went on a trip to here and back to recreate the journey of his favourite Cockney
An American bonnet
This undomesticated teacher is loose around school