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Culture of Mexico

Type of paintings popular by Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco
Mexican actress, starred in movies including Wild Wild West and Frida
Spanish name for place where families go to share offerings for their departed loved ones on Day of the Dead
Stuffed pepper, usually comes with cheese/meat
September 16th, finally Mexico gains control
Sweet pastry cinnamon sticks
Popular temple with 365 steps, built by the Maya people
Spanish name for the Mexican Hat Dance
Beverage prepared with rice
Capital of Mexico
Spanish name for Day of the Dead
Mexican self-portrait artist
Mariachi singer from Mexico
Fruit drink served in a barrel-shaped container
Popular sport played in Mexico
Sweet ingredient used in "mole"
Home stadium for the soccer team of Mexico
Authentic folk song from Mexico
Food item wrapped up in corn husk
Music band popular in Mexico, originated in the 18 century
1862 Battle of Puebla & victory over France
Mexican muralist and married Frida Kahlo