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Who touched me? Mark 5:25-34

The woman thought that if she touched this on Jesus she would be healed. Mark 5:28
The woman told Jesus this kind of truth. Mark 5:33
Her bleeding stopped like this. Mark 5:29
The woman had her problem for this many years. Mark 5:25
The woman touched this man to be healed. Mark 5:27
At once Jesus realized this had gone out from him. Mark 5:30
Jesus told her that this had healed her. Mark 5:34
The woman had been doing this for twelve years. Mark 5:25
The large crowd did this around Jesus. Mark 5:24b
The woman touched this clothing on Jesus. Mark 5:27
Instead of getting better, she was getting this. Mark 5:26
The woman had seen these people to help her feel better. Mark 5:26
The woman had spent this much to try to feel better. Mark 5:26
Jesus told her to go in this. Mark 5:34