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Algebra Vocabulary

This function produces a V-shaped graph
A______________ is the set of all ordered pairs (x, y) where x is the input and y is the output.
The__________________________ variable does not depend on another variable.
When multiplying like bases what do you do with the exponents.
The ___________ of a system of equations is the point where the lines or graph intersects.
The _________________ is used to determine if a graph is a function.
What is the point where the graph crosses the x-axis?
What is form is Ax+By=C?
A _____________ variable depends upon the values put in to a function.
The ___________ is the ratio between the dependent and independent variables.
The equation y=mx+b is what form?
Most common word used to identify the slope or rate.
A relation in which each input has a single output is called a ______________________.
Perpendicular lines have ________________ and reciprocal slopes.
The act of plugging in zero for x, is used to find the ______________________.
The_____________ is the set of all possible input, x-value, which is the independent variable.
The ___________ rule states when dividing like bases you should subtract the exponents
In order to get rid of parentheses you need to ___________.
7. The ______________________ is the set of all possible output, y-value, which is the dependent variable.
2. The graphical representation of the rate of change is called the ________________________.