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Christmas Fun

What adorns the top of a deers head
Are you on the naughty or nice
Used to adorn Christmas packages
A reindeer that loves football
A reindeer that likes the start of Donovans name
A holiday in December
The reindeer that leads Santas sleigh
The reindeer that might be an ill tempered girl
A reindeer that shoots through the sky like a shooting star
A reindeer that runs from place to place very quickly
A plant that has limbs and leaves that is sometimes decorated with lights this time of year
Used to stick pieces of paper together
A mammal that has been known to fly with special magic
A reindeer that shares a name with the guy who shoots people with LOVE arrows on Valentines day
An ingredient used in baking
A man who has never been seen on the night before Christmas, however, is known by every child all over the world
A sweet yummy snack
Used to ride on in the snow
A reindeer that would love music
The Other reindeer
The reindeer that rhymes with the word dancer
You send these through the mail for special occassions