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Semester Review World Geography

Buying products from another country and shipping it in.
First grown Mexico about 7,000 years ago.
Send products to another country.
Starting point for measuring longitude.
Settled in central Mexico. Had complex social and religious system
Power belongs to the ruler or rulers
Runs from North to South
Resources that can not be replaced once they have depleted.
Individuals and business own property and decide how to use it. (private property).
Very large city that is made up several large and small cities.
Resources that can be replaced naturally.
Larger than every nation in the world except Russia.
Basic rights that belong to all citizens, such as being treated equally.
Geographic area in which people have traits in common.
Everyone including the ones who make the laws must follow them.
The amount of good that are wanted by consumers.
The idea that the United States should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans.
They studied astronomy and created a calendar, built large temples, and invented complex writing system.
Circles the middle of Earth.
Voting and basic rights.
Leader of the conquistadors, lead them to defeat the aztec
These mountains run from Canada down to Mexico
Mexico's founding culture
Study of Earth's physical features and the living things -humans, animals, and plants that inhabit it.
Set of beliefs, behaviors, and religions shared by a group of people.
Runs east to west
The amount of goods that are available for consumers.