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Peter Pan Review Chapters 9-17

A fancy word for Starkey's hat
The Darlings had three of these according to Wendy's story
Another word for offspring, what Wendy refers to the Lost Boys as
Actual name of the Redskin tribe that is considered incorrect and offensive today
What the Redskins called Peter after he rescued Tiger Lily
What the Lost Boys wanted Peter and Wendy to do when Peter returned home on a Saturday evening
What Peter is full of toward grown-ups because he believes they spoil everything
What Peter mistakingly thought the Never Bird's nest was
What Tinker Bell is wearing before she gets up to take Wendy and the boys home and Peter threatens to show everyone
A word describing just how unfair Captain Hook was when he attacked the Redskins and the children
Peter tells Wendy no fuss, no _____________ when saying goodbye on the night they had planned on leaving
What Starkey hung his hat upon on Marooner's Island