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Christmas, Santa, Elves, Deer

Male deer or a dollar
Friend to the Hobbit
This deer lives in arctic regions; often called a reindeer
Thumper's friend
Santa is sometimes called "Saint ____"
Anglican winter festival
This berry is great on a turkey sandwhich
From The Legend of Zelda
Red nosed
A pendent, tapering mass formed by dripping H2O
This reindeer was celestial body
Largest type of deer
These flowers turn red at Christmas time
This type of deer will cut your lawn
Stole Christmas
In France, Santa is called "Pere ____"
Means "tenth month"
A baseball team, and something you send out at Christmas time
These are hung by the fireplace
They kelp Santa and kills Orcs
A young deer in it's first year
Hermey the elf wanted be this rather than make toys
"...we have heard on high"
The weeks before Christmas
Smoke goes up, Santa comes down
He lives in a tree and makes cookies
A female deer
Harry Potter's House Elf
Buddy to Crackle and Pop
Got lost in New York City
Where Jesus was born
Good on birthday cakes, bad on Christmas trees
Santa Clause is sometimes called "Father ___"
Another name for the Christmas season
Santa lives at this pole
People kiss when standing under this
Group of deer
The snowman
This reindeer could show up on Valentine's Day
The reindeer's name comes from the German word for "lightening"
Some elves sit here to make sure kids are behaving
Santa is sometimes called "Kris ____"
Male deer, or to go somewhere alone
Hung around house during Christmas time