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Source of energy is chemicals
substances that are changed during a reaction
store & transmit hereditary or genetic information
releases energy
A testable prediction based on observations that describes a cause and effect relationship between variables
Most diverse macromolecule; Most abundant macromolecule
A guess about an object or outcome based on your observations
requires no extra energy by the cell because molecules move from high concentration (squished together) to low concentration (spread out) areas
what the experimenter will deliberately change or manipulate in the investigation
short-term ENERGY
describes qualities
requires extra energy (ATP) to be spent to bring materials into the cell or expel materials out of the cell moving from low concentration to high concentration
application of scientific discoveries to meet human needs and goals through the development of products and processes
how close your measurements are to each other (think consistent or specific)
can provide energy sources for themselves as well as for those of us who can't produce it on our own.
based on experimentation
an organism consisting of a cell or cells in which the genetic material is DNA in the form of chromosomes contained within a distinct nucleus
what changes in response to the independent variable
Long-term Energy Storage
Eat dead materials
fits only one substrate
Eat only meat
the breaking and creating of bonds between different substances
specialized structures within the cell that work together to help the cell function
uses numbers to measure something
carries/stores energy for cell functions.
Eat meat and vegetation
are a type of PROTEIN that speed up biochemical reactions by lowering the activation energy.