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louisiana purchase 3rd grade

The goods carried by a ship, airplane, or vehicle
Louisiana became a state in ________ of 1812.
The land that is under the control of a distant government.
The deal where the U.S. purchased the Louisiana Territory from France.
Chosen to lead the journey to explore the Louisiana Territory.
Set aside money to have the territory explored.
To travel into unknown lands for the purpose of discovery.
Owned the Port of New Orleans
Native American from the Shoshone Tribe who helped Lewis and Clark.
A town or city where ships load and unload cargo.
The journey began in ________________.
Was the president at this time and wanted to have the land around New Orleans.
The land was eventually divided to form all or part of 15 _______.
France controlled all of the ________ in and out of the Port of New Orleans.
The U.S. paid 15 ________ dollars for the land.
Asked by Lewis to help explore the Louisiana Territory.