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Geography and Ancient Civilizations

The main legacy of the Roman legal system was _________ laws.
Best map to use when looking for the Rocky Mountains.
This civilization gave us the idea of the Olympic Games.
Both the ancient Chinese and Romans built these to transport water to populated areas.
Were prohibited from becoming citizens in ancient Athens and Rome.
Greek and Roman civilizations influenced other civilizations in theatre, philosophy and ___________.
These Greek thinkers used logic and reason to investigate the nature of the universe, human society and morality.
These wars gave the Romans dominance over the Mediterranean region.
Barbarian attacks along with high inflation caused the fall of this empire.
General of Carthage who fought the Romans in the Second Punic War.
Series of rulers from the same family.
This was a blending of Greek, Persian and Egyptian culture, spread by Alexander the Great.
Alexander the Great conquered this empire located in the Middle East.
The South Side is this type of region.
The city of Phoenix is this type of region.
This civilization gave the world the concepts of paper, silk and gunpowder.
Led the armies and government of the Roman Republic.
Roman representative group that proposed laws.
Language spoken by the Romans.
The Greeks formed city-states, because unification became difficult due to this type of terrain.
Government ruled by a wealthy, highly educated class.
The ancient Chinese had emperors which are similar to this type of government.
The Romans developed this form of government.
Title given to the person who controlled the Roman government.
Roman emperor who ended the persecution of Christians.
Best map to use when looking for a country.
This idea of allowing citizens to vote was developed in ancient Athens.
Ancient Greek city which was known as a military city-state.
The 303 Freeway is this type of region.
In the Roman Republic an individual who could rule with unlimited power for up to six months.