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Vocabulary Study- Greek & Latin Roots: PED & MAN, MANU

Teacher: Ms. Haydt's 5th Grade
To handily or skillfully go around something
To skillfully operate by hand
A person who walks across the street on foot
A treatment for the hands & nails
A creature with two feet
To make by hand or by machine; to change raw material into new product
A person who goes from door to door one foot trying to sell a product
An order or command placed in one's hands
A handwritten or typed piece of writing, such as a book
A creature with 1,000 feet
A creature with 100 feet
To set free; to lend a hand in freeing someone; to release from someone's hands
Something that stands in one's way; an obstacle
A person who has the upper hand; a person who is in charge of someone or something
A foot treatment that could include soaking the feet & polishing the toenails
A four-footed creature
A lever that is moved with one's foot
A handbook; a book of directions
A three-footed stand often used to balance a camera