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Exam Review - Biology

Ultimate source of energy
Product of the light reactions
Endocytosis of a large bacterium
Animals store polysaccharides in the form of ___
Smallest unit of a protein
Solution with a high concentration of solute
Passive transport with a protein carrier
Diffusion of water
Site of photosynthesis
Nucleic acids are made of _____
Solution in equilibrium
Reduced to form water in ETC
Plants store polysaccharides in the form of___
Produces ATP, NADH, FADH
Where electron transport occurs
Molecule that carries a large amount of energy
Pumping of molecules against their concentration gradient
Region of enzyme that binds the substrate
Solution with very little solute
Skin cancer
Organisms that eat food for energy
Organisms that synthesize their own food
Endocytosis of liquid
Catalyze chemical reactions