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ancient Egypt vocabulary 12/14

which spanned nearly 500years from 1070B.C.This period of prosperity saw Egypt grow more powerful than ever as it built a mighty empire
a rock formation that creates churning rapids; also, a large waterfall
a king named Mentuhotep II (mehn-too-HOH-tehp) reunited the kingdom and launched a new era of peace and prosperity
a system in which people belong to social classes of different ranks
a series of rulers from the same family
a massive monumental tomb for a pharaoh
chief official in ancient Egypt who carried out much of the day-to-day work of governing
Just south of Egypt, across the first cataract of the Nile, lay the land of Nubia. Rich in gold, copper, and other important resources needed by Egypt, Nubia also provided a critical trade route for exotic goods from central Africa.
The most important god was Re(RAY), the sun god, who created the world;
a picture representing an object, sound, or idea that was part of the ancient Egyptian writing system
to exchange goods
An ancient Egyptian ruler
the preserved body of a pharaoh or other powerful person in ancient Egypt
Egypt’s first great period of unity and prosperity, lasting from around 2200B.C.During these centuries, Egypt prospered under effective pharaohs, a strong central government, and an efficient administration.
a professional writer who recorded official information
paperlike material made from reeds
an area where a river fans out into various branches as it flows into a body of water