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Eric & Jen's Christmas Puzzle

In what month did we get hitched?
Jen's birthday is the 6th day of this month.
One of our two pets. She's a mama's girl.
Our pets think they are human, but they are actually ____.
We spent our honeymoon here.
Jen's received her degree from this university.
How many Lowe's could Rob Lowe rob if Rob Lowe could rob Lowe's? (he's too recognizable for any more)
Famous landmark in the town where we live.
Our favorite beverage.
He may think he's the man of the house at times, but he's actually the smallest member of our family.
What Jen paints in her spare time.
Eric fixes these at work.
Branch of military Eric served in.
Eric is originally from this state.
Color of Jen's car.
We've been married how long? ____ years.
Eric was born on the 27th day of this month.
Where we said our vows.
We met here and live here.
Jens' hometown.
If we owned a store where we sold no-name branded merchandise and only advertised in black & white, we would probably name it The _______ Store. Hint: our names.
Eric's truck is this color.
Jen's maiden name.
Eric's degree is from this school.
Life is cheezy on this street.
The state that Jen grew up in.
How old we will both be in 2018.
We had several inches of this in Atlanta earlier this month.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?