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Types of Sentences - 3rd Grade Wonders

Tells what the subject does or is. Can be one or more words.
Tells you to do something and ends in a period.
EX: after,although,before, because, if, since, until,when, where, while.
Is a group of words that tells a complete thought
Expresses only one idea. Contains only one subject and one predicate.
Shows strong feeling. it ends with an exclamation mark.
Tells what or whom the sentence is about. Can be more than one word.
Is a small word that links two things. Ex:and,but, or.
Expresses two or more complete thoughts, which are combined using a comma and coordinating conjunction.
Contains a subject and predicate and tells a complete thought.
Contains a subject and predicate and begins with a subordinating conjunction
Is a group of words that does not tell a complete thought
Asks something, ends with a question mark
Tells something, ends with a period.
Has an independent clause and one or more dependent clauses.
Contains two or more independent clauses without the proper conjunctions or punctuation.